Get more enjoyment out of your yard

Get more enjoyment out of your yard by trying our tick, mosquito and deer control programs in Westchester NY

Author: Michael Galli, Owner, Hickory Homes, Westchester County. September 20th, 2017

Using tick, mosquito and deer repellents and sprays outdoors can be one of the best ways to avoid bites, and ruin of your vegetation allowing you to enjoy your yard and outdoor space.

Your backyard is a beautiful place. Too bad it's a bug infested jungle and every person that goes out could potentially be a mosquito or tick magnet.

Ticks and mosquitoes can be found in our backyards, under leaves, on ground cover, around walls and near structures and woodpiles where rodents and other small garden animals are active, and near and around standing water. Since we can eliminate the leaves and week through the ground cover, certain features that add design to your yard and outdoor space cannot be removed, so spraying in the most effective way to deal with these pests.

Professional spraying is recommended. While candles and products you apply on yourself may work, they are temporary and don’t have the same effect that a large scale, professional spraying can have.

If you would rather not spray your property with bug-killing and deterrent chemicals, you have the option to take a more natural/organic approach to pest control by adding plants to your yard that mosquitoes and deer loathe. Citronella, catnip, rosemary and marigolds have all been shown to drive away mosquitoes. While they might not be as effective as harsh insecticides, these plants might give you some relief from bugs and make your garden look good, too. Boxwood, holly, hyacinth and geraniums are types of shrubs and flowers that are deer resistant, that you can consider planting in your yard as a natural deer deterrent. However, most professional companies now offer safe misting systems that won’t harm your plants, vegetation or your pets and other small garden animals as part of their tick, mosquito and deer control programs.

Tick, mosquito and deer control programs will keep your family safe by ensuring that you will have a mosquito and tick free environment and protect your yard from being destroyed by hungry deer, making it easy to start enjoying your yard and outdoor space again during the spring, summer and fall seasons.

Insect and deer repellents are effective and safe when properly used. If you’re not comfortable handling the chemicals yourself, or have a large property with a serious insect problem, or an abundance of deer, call a professional. These professional providers can manage your bug and deer problem faster and more effectively than you can.

When choosing a professional company for your spraying service, make sure the technicians are 100% licensed and insured. If you are in NY State, make sure the spray products are NY State DEC and EPA exempt, and are safe for animals and children, and are labeled appropriately.

The E.P.A. says registered compounds are safe and effective when they are prepared and applied according to their labeled use. Still, the agency’s website notes: “No pesticide should be regarded as 100 percent risk-free.”

Companies of this type typically offer a seasonal or year-round program for. Usually, professional sprays last approximately three to four weeks.

The company should offer a free consultation, and walk your yard to determine what program and schedule would be best for your area.

Insect and deer control companies usually recommend that children and pets be kept inside during spraying, and for a specified time afterward.

Make sure you have the opportunity to enjoy your yard and outdoor space without the nuisance or worry about ticks and mosquitos, and that your vegetation and foliage stays beautiful without deer feasting on it. Consider professional services for year-round protection.

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